There Will Be Light

This is me trying to get at the common feature in the ways we celebrate the season — the promise even amid the longest night that light, and Light, will return. Happy holidays, however you choose to celebrate!

Words and music by Joseph Abbott

CHORUS: Remember in the winter, there will be light
Remember in the deepest part of the night
Remember in the feasting, you’re not alone
And when there’s no light, we’ll make our own

This time of year, the feasts have many a name
But the idea at root is much the same
Death, rebirth, arising from the earth
Sun promised in the candle’s flame CHORUS

This time of year, why fight with those you meet?
Accept their cheer, however they choose to greet
We all can use a respite from the blues
We all need shelter from the sleet CHORUS

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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