The Cloner Man

So, yeah, I had to get in on the “Wellerman” thing. This is connected to Matthew Legare’s Institute for Irate Science project.

Words by Joseph Abbott
Music: “The Wellerman,” traditional

There once was a doc named Duplessis
In his irate laboratree
In quarantine sought harmony
Clone, me bully boys, clone

CHORUS: Soon may the Amazon come
Bringing flasks and pipes and tanks and rum
Someday when the clonin’ is done
We’ll recombine and go

The isolation on him wore
He missed the choruses of yore
That doctor sequenced genes and swore
He’d make his own combo. CHORUS

He put an end to tedium
With vats of culture medium
With accelerated speed, he im-
-plored his new selves to grow. CHORUS

“Lads, I created you,” said he,
“So we could sing a sea shanty
I could just have used Audacity
But where’s the fun in that?” CHORUS

The ethics panel was aghast
To hear them on the science ‘cast
But on TikTok they went viral fast
Now their lab’s a studio. CHORUS x2

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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