• Lyrics

    Scary Women

    Words: Joseph AbbottMusic: “Pretty Women” from “Sweeney Todd,” Stephen SondheimInspired by the webcomic “Narbonic” by Shaenon Garrity Scary womenHolding weaponsSpiking coffeePlottingScary womenScary womenAre a terrorScary women Sitting at a console orLurking in a lairSomething in them chills the air Scary womenPlanting implantsStay within youProbingStay foreverLaughing madlyScary womenScary women Blowing up their rivals orCloning you for spareEven when you leaveYou’d best bewareThey’re there Ah! Scary women, at their beakersIn their labcoatsGene-rewritingPower-lustingLauncher-aimingHow they make a man scream! Proof you’re mad too, as you’re stayingWhat we do for scary womenScary women!Scary women!Scary women — (Would you like a breath mint?)