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    Extremely belated update

    So the two MMOs I mainly stream — Final Fantasy XIV Online and World of Warcraft — are in content lulls right now awaiting the summer debuts of their new expansions. FFXIV has some seasonal stuff coming and WoW has a couple of interim patches before then, but streams on those will be irregular until summer. One way I’m filling time in the interim is going through the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series — the original 8-bit console versions freshened up slightly for PC — running Sunday and Monday evenings. Since I’ve never had a game console, this is my first time playing these classic games (and thereby learning where…

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    The Arms of Thal

    So this is my first Final Fantasy XIV Online song (to go with all the World of Warcraft ones I've written). Notionally, it's written by my bard character as a tribute to fallen friends (in at least two cases, falling specifically in the act of protecting him).

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    Inspired by watching my friend Kris Overstreet playing Kerbal Space Program on his own gamestream. (I have the game myself but haven't played it much mainly because I find the actually having to steer during launch incredibly daunting.)

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    Twisty Passage

    This is sort of my own version of Frank Hayes' "When I Was a Boy" — a nostalgic look at some of the earliest command-line computer games like Adventure/Colossal Caves and Zork, set to Stan Rogers' "Northwest Passage" by way of Wm. Mark Simmons' "Goddard Passage."

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    Hotel Draenor

    From 2014, and two — soon to be three — World of Warcraft expansions ago. If you were playing an Alliance character the music that played in your garrison — your home base for the Warlords of Draenor expansion — had a chord progression resembling a certain Eagles tune...