Muggle’s Blues

Another from 2006, based on the Harry Potter books.

Words: Joseph Abbott
Music: “Smuggler’s Blues,” Glenn Frey

There’s danger in the air tonight, I can see it in the bones
I had a premonition that you should not go alone
I knew the hex was powerful, a very tricky spell
Everything exploded and your head began to swell
So here’s a healing potion, put this amulet in your hand
I’ll say the incantation, hope it goes just like I planned
You’ll feel cold for 20 hours and you’ll want to lie in sand
I’m sorry it went down like this, your memory you’ll lose
It’s the nature of the business, it’s the Muggle’s blues

The centaurs and the giants, the house-elves and pixies
Dementors and the thestrals, the things nobody sees
Cars that fly across the sky, toilets that go boom
Envelopes that scream at you and shoot across the room
You have to have protection, some very potent seals
Counter-transformation spells in case somebody squeals
It’s the lure of power and glory, it’s got a very strong appeal
Perhaps you’d understand it better, not traveling by Floos
It’s the ultimate in culture shock — it’s the Muggle’s blues

You can see it in the headlines, more coming every day
Hurricanes and engineering failures, so they say
People killed and tortured, put under someone’s sway
You pretend it isn’t happening, but it just won’t go away
They’re shooting up the Dark Mark from Glasgow down to Crewe
You ask any living Auror, he’ll say there’s nothing we can do
From the Ministry of Magic right down to me and you, me and you
It’s the fear of trailing footsteps, ’cause they might be You-Know-Who’s
It’s the falling of the shadow, it’s the Muggle’s blues

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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