Parody of 'No one wants to work' sign at a Wendy's

Demon in the Freezer

This was inspired by a parodic version of the “no one wants to work anymore” sign that someone taped to a Wendy’s drive-thru menu, which other someones photographed and then shared to a Facebook group. As you might gather from the following, I have… opinions… about the allegedly non-parodic versions of that sign.

Words and music by Joseph Abbott

CHORUS: There’s a demon in the freezer
We’re short staffed today ’cause
There’s a demon in the freezer
Please be patient
There’s a demon in the freezer
And no one wants to work

Kids these days
They don’t know how to do
A simple exorcism
Kids these days
You’d think they’d never seen
Co-workers flayed alive
They’ve been so coddled
They don’t understand the sacrifices
Needed to succeed
It’s just a cost of doing business CHORUS

They want to barge in with their
Unions and their OSHAs
Demanding workers have some
Right to staying sane
It’s about freedom
It’s infringing on my liberty to
Require protective signs
You know this Hellmouth talk’s a scam CHORUS

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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