Children of Bob

Another from 2008. My take on the concept of the most recent common ancestor (MRCA), and specifically on “Y-Chromosome Adam,” the counterpart to “Mitochondrial Eve.”

Words and music by Joseph Abbott

You know, scientists say
That if you go back far enough
There is an ancestor
That we all share
Let’s call him Bob
For the sake of the discussion
Check out your family tree
You’ll find him there

CHORUS: For we are all children of Bob
From the highest scion to the lowest slob
And every woman, every man
No matter color, creed or clan
Every single one of them can say
That they’re children of Bob

Every one of the folks that you know
And even all of the strangers
Are all just part of
A big family
Now, I’ll admit
We can be a bit dysfunctional
But if we can just get back together we’ll see

That we’re all.. CHORUS

Every person that you meet
While you’re walking down the street
Is your umpty-somethingth cousin, once removed
You’ll only see them for a while
So just grit your teeth and smile
Anyway you know that charge was never proved

chorus x2

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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