My friend and fellow filker Harold Feld fights the good fight as a lobbyist for Public Knowledge, advocating for an open Internet, sane telecom and copyright laws, and freedom of expression and communication. As you might imagine, all those things have been under assault of late, and as various chickens have come home to roost in just the way he warned would happen when he was telling the FCC and Congress not to do the things, he has come up with a word to describe the bitter satisfaction of having been right.

And I’ve taken that word and written a song with it.

I’m afraid it does get a bit scatological.

Words and music by Joseph Abbott

There’s a shitstorm out there, Category 5
You can hear the sirens howl
It’s getting harder to stand
It’s getting harder to breathe
The don blames the wind gauge,
’cause if there were no wind gauge
There wouldn’t be no wind
It’s fake news — they’re all plotting from beneath

I got to live through this the same as you
For as long as my shelter can hold
The only bit of satisfaction I can take
Is knowing I can say I told… you… so…

The don says he’ll save us, only he can save us
If we kiss his ring — do you believe
Do you believe in America?
He’s sending guys in disguise
Nothing in their eyes
Ignore all the people they brutalize
This is the face — this is the face of the enema

Do we still have a chance? Maybe so
But there’s a lot more crap to come
You rolled your eyes when I cried, four years ago
No, I’m not happy now — mostly I’m just numb

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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