Beyond the Veil (Taelia’s Song)

Another World of Warcraft song, this time inspired by the character of Taelia Fordragon — who, as the new Shadowlands expansion bringing players into the lands of the dead begins, has just learned that her father, Bolvar Fordragon, didn’t quite die the way she was told…

Words and music by Joseph Abbott
Based on the Blizzard game World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

I only knew my father from the songs they sang in stories
So very few his courage matched, so many were his glories
Avenging sword he carried to Icecrown
Against a foe that almost no one would dare
He charged toward the Lich King in battle —
And the stories all would carefully end there…

The land was cursed where I was born, the dead had full dominion
Blasted by a prince forsworn, corpses bound in linen
I was sent far away for protection
Growing up amid salt spray and sails
I hungered for a means of connection
And I thirsted for the travelers’ tales

But now the veil is torn
And now are heroes born
And now the lies all sworn for fear of hurting me will fail
I’ll sail a deathly sea
My father’s side to be
For now I finally see
Beyond the veil

I saw the Admiral carried off, the dark chains tightly bound her
And I will not tarry ’til the day I’ve finally found her
To save my King and friends who’ve been taken
I will dare the very realm of death
I swear that they will not be forsaken
Not as long as I still draw hope and breath

For now the veil is torn
And now are heroes born
And now the Warchief’s scorn will shake with the coming of our gale
I’ll sail a deathly sea
To fight that damned Banshee
For finally I see beyond the veil
Yes, soon, we all will be
Beyond the veil

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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