Another World

As might well be imagined from the lyrics, this was my first song written during the quarantine…

Words and music by Joseph Abbott

I have to get off Twitter now
I need to give the news a rest
I’m only getting crazier
The more I stay abreast
I need to take some time away
From the troubles of this place
A book, a show, a game to play
Somewhere I can put on a braver face

In another world, I can cool my worries
In another world, I can ease my pain
In another world, I can be the hero and save the day again
When this world gets to be too much to bear
I know that another’s waiting there

I need someone to be beside
I need somewhere to congregate
I’m only getting lonelier
The more I isolate
I need to find my family
To join with all my friends
An online hug will have to do
Until the day this nightmare finally ends

In another world, we can dance together
In another world, we can safely meet
In another world, we can take some solace
From the heartache and deceit
When this world gets to be too much to bear
There’s always a world that we can share

I know it’s not a place that I can stay
But I can’t stay sane just staying here
And maybe as we travel on this way
We can tell each other stories and bring each other cheer

In another world we share joy and sorrow
In another world we can learn to cope
From another world, we return much stronger
And bringing with us hope
In this world and all others where we care
We can make a better world if we just dare

This is the bio am I doing this right? Probably not.

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